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Tom Andersen

Who do you support for Supervisor in the 5th District in the upcoming November election and why?

I support Bruce McPherson because I believe he is free from the trappings of county politics such as favoritism towards agencies and others that would support his reelection in order to expect favors in return. I also believe he can “hit the ground running”. He doesn’t need to spend months figuring out how to make the system work for us.

What are the biggest issues right now for the 5th District?

The biggest issues in our district in my opinion are: Supporting local businesses by removing barriers to their ability to prosper. Repairing and improving our infrastructure. Providing real and reasonable assistance to our struggling community members as directly as possible. I think a big problem in our district is the continuation of policies and programs which spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to do very little.

What is your vision for the future of the 5th District?

I envision a district empowered by policies which support local business and encourage entrepreneurial spirit. I envision a district in which land owners are encouraged and educated to be good stewards of their land. And I envision a district where we help each other as neighbors and fellow community members and not through the threat of having our resources taken from us and then used at the discretion of those far less capable.


Jill Hitchman

Who do you support for Supervisor in the upcoming 5th District Supervisor election and why?

As a lifelong Democrat, an environmentalist, a single mother with children in local schools, and definitely part of the 99%, I am wholeheartedly supporting Bruce McPherson for Fifth District Supervisor. The Fifth District needs a Supervisor who will listen to all constituents and represent us with a strong voice. Bruce McPherson has demonstrated his ability in the political arena to work collaboratively with people to achieve positive results.

What are the biggest issues right now for the 5th District?

The Fifth District is comprised of several distinct communities, each with its own set of needs, and all equally important. The common needs of those communities includes public safety, the economy, roads, water, environmental issues, planning/building considerations, education and youth issues, and the best use of fiscal resources. As these issues are largely interrelated and there are limited financial resources to fund all these things, there will need to be a very strategic plan to maximize efficiencies and resources and achieve results. Bruce McPherson is by far the superior candidate to understand and implement such a comprehensive strategic plan.

What is your vision for the future of the 5th District?

My personal vision for the Fifth District is one that includes a better environment for local business to grow and thrive, roads that are maintained, opportunities for local youth to learn job and life skills through community programs or activities, and homeowners who are able to make permitted improvements to their homes in a reasonable way, balanced with environmental considerations. Given the limited resources for emergency services (including public safety), the unincorporated area of the Fifth District does exceptionally well at providing services. They are at a bare minimum for resources, though, and my vision for the Fifth District would include additional funding in this area.