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Bill Smallman

Who do you support for Supervisor in the 5th District in the upcoming November election and why?

I’m supporting Bruce McPherson. I’ve been telling people to vote, especially for a non-partisan office, as if the person you are electing is going to take the top managerial position for a company that you own. I weighed all of the positives and negatives of both candidates. In my opinion, Bruce will do a better job, his experience definitely played a major role, but I could write a long essay on this topic, as I am very engaged in it being a former candidate. I think Eric would be very similar to Mark Stone. Not that I don’t like Mark Stone, I just felt that more could be done with the County.

What are the biggest issues right now for the 5th District?

1. Fixing roads, and a reason why is not only is it inconvenient, it would cost even more if we don’t fix them know. There are also the issues of safety, fire and police access and tourism.

2. Making the County more efficient and the economy: I think this is big. I still believe in my “Board of Economic Development” idea, but I think voters were turned off by it thinking I wanted to expand government. Leopold was the main driver to hire full time people in charge of economic development, but this costs way, way more. A board would cost tax payers only about 10K a year, and I think would be more effective. Definitely a big issue is to make the planning department more efficient issuing permits. This is combining two important things – A. Making the county more efficient and user friendly, and B. Improving the economy.

3. Water: I am working on an alternative plan to the desal plant in Santa Cruz, and it does involve District 5. I’m planning on having this on my website soon. I want to build water storage reservoirs at both the Olympia and Hanson sand quarries. These areas would also serve as open space recreational areas. Water from high storm flow would be captured and pumped to these facilities. This water would naturally help recharge the groundwater, but would also be piped to treatment plants for domestic water use. What this will do, hopefully, is eliminate overdraft during dry months at the inflatable dam, and will restore fish habitat.

4. Pollution: I think SLV need to look at building advanced septic systems. During heavy rains the river really is diluted sewer. Might be about 30K per house, but I think it would be very cool to have your own recycled water to water plants, wash cars etc., which would conserve a bunch of water and end pollution. And, the air pollution issue which is tough, because I love wood stoves and yard burns. I don’t like the new rules which are coming out, and think there is a better way.

5. Sprawl: I think we need to end the fear of increased development destroying the main reason why we live here, by improving the General Plan which I look at as a “work in progress”, and there is a lot of work to do.

What is your vision for the future of the 5th District?

Basically, implementing some of the things I mentioned above like ending pollution, urban sprawl, the water modifications and economy. We can expand and improve access to open space and recreational areas which will boost tourism. We can also make our schools the best, and provide more educational activities. And more bike paths within reason, and improvements around our small towns, like better parking, sidewalks, lighting etc. In general improve and clean up, preserve open space with easier access, and try to bring back the San Lorenzo River to more pristine conditions. And, I had another recent thought about the farmer’s market which everybody loves. I remember visiting my sister in Michigan and they had this community square with a huge roof structure, and that is where they had their farmer’s market. It was much nicer than using a parking lot.