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Aaron Hinde


San Lorenzo Valley Scotts Valley

Who do you support for Supervisor in the 5th District in the upcoming November election and why?

I support Bruce McPherson for 5th district supervisor. In a time of an ever increasing partisanship, Bruce is a candidate that brings people together on all sides of the political spectrum with his leadership, mutual respect, and vision for our community.

What are the biggest issues right now for the 5th District?

The biggest issues for the 5th district right now are jobs, roads, and the planning department.

What is your vision for the future of the 5th District and Santa Cruz County?

My wish list for the district are as follows:

1) Fixing the overdue road maintenance, especially Felton Empire, Alba, and Jamison Creek.

2) Simplifying and implementing a reasonable fee structure from county planning so people that were born in this county can afford to stay here. Return to a common sense approach similar to other counties in this state in regards to regulations, time frames, costs, etc.

3) Eco friendly clearing of some of the trees in San Lorenzo Valley that are causing excessive duff formation and a significant fire hazard.